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This is like the early internet days of 1995. The technology will get better in terms of useability. Just like the internet in the 90s, people were confused and scared to use their credit cards online. Next, it was fear of Paypal, then Venmo. Today, it's Crypto. While I believe most NFTs will be worthless in a few years, the underlying technology is here to stay. 

For now, I'm going to limit my scope for now in terms of offering custom NFTs. Look at this as an opportunity to learn together. 

What you'll need: 
- Coinbase or Metamask wallet
- ETH address

Here's a getting started video:

What I'll do
- Create the artwork
- Mint the artwork on Opensea
- Transfer the NFT to your ETH (Polygon) via Opensea

Unlockable content
- Each NFT will have a discount code to my online store

Q: Can you provide technical support or teach me how to create an NFT? 
A: Not at this time. 

Q: Can I resell it? 
A: Yes, on Opensea. I will have 10% royalties. 

Q: Can I print it as a shirt for personal use? 
A: Yes

Q: Can I print it as a shirt and sell it? 
A: No

Q: Do you still own the copyright? 
A: Yes

Q: Will this be on Polygon WETH or ETH?
A: Polygon WETH because of the high ETH gas prices. 

Q: What if I accidentally send you the wrong ETH address? 
A: Someone did that in Alpha testing and there's nothing I could do about it. I can redo the art at a discounted price (for now). 

Q: Do I get the actual file? 
A: No

The future:
I'd like to eventually figure out a way for my some of the artwork royalties to non-profits. I also see this as a way to bridge the gap between online, the metaverse, and IRL.I have a lot of art to convert. 

There are a lot of issues such as the environment, copyright infringement, ownership, and attribution. However, this creates new opportunities for artists to connect with their audience and make money off their work to support themselves, family, and community.

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